PROFEEL® Latex PF Surgical Gloves, Sterile (PCP)


Superior Performance:
The approach taken in meeting the healthcare professionals’ increasingly stringent quality requirement is reflected in the outstanding features of Profeel® Latex Powder Free Surgical Gloves, Sterile. Powder Free to provide freedom from powder – induced allergies, adhesions and granulomas in addition to eliminating the need to wash or wipe gloves before a surgical procedure. A superior tactile sensitivity provides optimum ‘feel’ with less fatigue to fingers. Specially designed to minimize roll down, comfortable and snug fit upon donning. Consistent physical properties before and after aging. Softness and elasticity maintained even after storage periods.

Features and Benefits:

  • Natural Rubber Latex Hand Specific Glove
  • Disposable Glove
  • Powder Free
  • Micro Roughened Surface Provides Excellent Wet and Dry Grip
  • Beaded Cuff
  • Polymer-Coated-Process (PCP)
  • Enformance Performance
  • Superior Tactile Sensitivity
  • Sterilized with Gamma Irradiation
Material Natural Rubber Latex
Colour Natural
Powder Content Powder Free
Process Polymer-Coated-Process (PCP)
Former SH3 Hand Specific
Gloves Textured Bisque Finishing
Sterility Sterile
Length (mm) 290mm
Weight / pc (M / 7.5) 11.5g
Finger Thickness (mm) 0.22 ± 0.03



Standards And Certifications

Additional information

Product Category

Surgical Latex Gloves, Sterile


Healthcare, Medical & Dental Procedures, Surgical Procedures

Glove Description

Powder Free Latex Surgical Glove with Online Polymer Coating, Offline Chlorination + Polymer Rinsed

Packing Mode

Long Pack Version:
50 Pairs / Box; 6 Boxes / Case (Various Size Available)
Short Pack Version:
50 Pairs / Box; 4 Boxes / Case (Various Size Available)

Number of Cases Per Container

20' GP: 1,080 Cases
40' GP: 2,200 Cases
40' HC: 2,360 Cases
(Note: FCL are based on Short Pack version)


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