Foleycath NR Latex Balloon Catheters

(F51xx05-52 (2-way paediatric, 3-5ml, plastic valve) / F50xx10-52 (2-way standard, 5-15ml, rubber valve) / F51xx10-52/ 54 (2-way standard, 5-15ml, plastic valve) / female / F50xx30-52 (2-way standard, 30-45ml, rubber valve) / F51xx30-52 (2-way standard, 30-45ml, plastic valve) / F54xx30-53 (3-way standard, 30-45ml, plastic valve))

Ultimate Comfort and Protection
In an effort to improve clinical, economic and patient satisfaction, FOLEYCATH® Natural Rubber Catheters are innovatively designed with silicone elastomer bonding to provide a smooth exterior surface for maximum comfort and added protection against urethral irritation.

  • Reinforced tip and flexible shaft for smooth insertion and removal
  • Strong and symmetrical balloon
  • Optimum lumen size and shape for fast and efficient flow
  • Visible color code for size identification
  • Large and smooth eyelets provide excellent drainage and tip strength


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Exam Gloves

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Packing Mode

1 catheter per pouch, 1 0 pouches (2-way) / 5 pouches (3-way) per dispenser and 20 dispensers per carton


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Standards And Certifications