DERMAGRIP® Safedon Latex PF Examination Gloves

A Vital Part of Your Infection Control System:
Medical gloves serve to provide protection from unwanted and dangerous substances for both healthcare professional and their patients. DERMAGRIP™ Safedon Latex PF Examination Gloves are designed to meet and exceed international product standards using sophisticated technologies and innovations to provide uncompromised protection to its users. DERMAGRIP™ Safedon Latex PF Examination Gloves stand out for their unique surface texture allowing for extra sensitivity. This is the preferred glove whenever extra sensitivity and special surface texture are important.

SafeDon System:
Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI’s) are a growing concern in today’s healthcare environment.1 The most common route of contamination is through hands.2,3 Despite the introduction of hand washing initiatives the level of compliance cannot be guaranteed to reach 100%.3 International studies have shown that gloves and traditional glove boxes themselves can be a vehicle for contamination.4,5 The new innovative SafeDon™ dispensing system is a hygienic initiative that further helps to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

The Gloves Most Critical Surfaces-Thumb, Fingers, and Palm Are Never Touched:
SafeDon™ gloves are dispensed individually Cuff 1st™ from the box. The Cuff 1st™ dispensing mechanism ensures that the user does not touch the gloves within the box or the box itself whilst removing gloves. This unique design helps to reduce contamination and reduce the risk of cross infections.6,7 With appropriate use of gloves and adherence to hand hygiene policies the new SafeDon™ dispensing system will help to further improve infection control.

1. WHO, 2009: WHO Guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Healthcare: a summary – 2. Folkehelseinstituttet, 2004: Nasjonal veileder for håndhygiene – 3. Pittet D: Bacterial contamination of hands – 4. Berthelot et al: Bacterial contamination of nonsterile disposable gloves before use – 5. Kampf et al: Hand Hygiene for the Prevention of Nosocomial Cross Infection – 6. Clinical study on file – available on request – 7. Clinical study on file – available on request

Features and Benefits:

  • Made with Natural Rubber Latex
  • Powder Free
  • Disposable Glove
  • Beaded Cuff
  • Single Chlorination
  • Fast, Easy Dispensing Saves Time
  • Hygienic System for Dispensing and Donning Gloves


Standards And Certifications

Additional information

Product Category

Latex Examination Gloves


Automotive & Industrial, Chemical Oil & Gas, Emergency Services, Food Processing Agriculture, Marine & Wind Energy, Medical & Dental, Tattoo & Beauty

Glove Description

Powder Free Latex Examination Glove Strip & Pack

Packing Mode

100 Pieces / Box; 10 Boxes / Case (Extra Small – Extra Large)
Note: Glove Quantity by Weight

Number of Cases Per Container

20' GP: 1,350 Cases
40' GP: 2,800 Cases
40' HC: 3,050 Cases


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Standards And Certifications